Earn Money From Your Property

Regardless if you simply need money or have a different reason for selling your estate, we have you covered. Located in Independence, MO, Grampa’s Auction House LLC offers estate liquidation and sales services. We will also take care of the auction on your property as part of our excellent customer service.

Why Liquidate

Liquidating is a financial term for selling off items. Many people auction off their possessions simply for the money. However, others dispose of their belongings this way for a variety of reasons.

These include moving to a new place, death, of a family member, divorce, and other life-changing events. Grampa’s goal is to help you get rid of your items so you can move forward with your life.

Our Process

Here at Grampa’s Auction House LLC, we have a three-step estate liquidation process. First, we arrange an assessment of the estate. During this step, we inspect the items to be sold and determine their value.

Second, we either buy the entire estate or we sell it for you. Which of the two occurs for your estate depends on the initial assessment. Regardless of which happens, our friendly and helpful staff will explain the details to you.

Third, fees for our service will be determined based on the value of your estate. This fee will be deducted from the sales if we auction off the items for you in the second step.